Young Dolph has experienced a lot of success as an independent artist. The Memphis MC is willing to sign with a major label if the right opportunity comes along though. During an appearance on The Breakfast Club, the "I Pray for My Enemies" rapper said he's open to inking a major deal for the money and opportunities.

“Everythang get bigger,” Dolph said around the 12-minute mark of the interview. “So, me in my position, music ain’t my only focus. It’s like the main key that’s leading to everythang else, but it ain’t my main focus. I’m a CEO. I got a whole record label. I got six artists. All of them hard. Dolph writing movies. Dolph into fashion. These folks having a billion dollars. Dolph finna get ready to get that billion dollars. I ain’t thinking 20 years, 15 years. Nah, I’m thinking ‘bout four years, five years.”

Dolph even seemed to reference signing a deal on Instagram yesterday (April 3). Whatever the case may be, the Bulletproof rhymer remains proud of his independence. The Tennessee native believes he's shown other rappers that they don't have to get a deal to flourish.

“They can look at me and be like, ‘Damn. We ain’t gotta be in a rush to sign a deal,’” Dolph said. “’We might get hot first, and we can just go crazy. Have our structure right, have our whole business and everythang right and really get our money and be prepared for when it come. It’s different now. The whole game is different now. You gotta know how to take advantage of it."

Check out Dolph's entire interview below for his thoughts on his beef with Yo Gotti and the infamous shooting in Charlotte.

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