Young Dolph and Key Glock are the perfect rap tandem. Dolph is debonair and smooth while Glock can be wild and unpredictable. As different as they are, this may explain why they mesh so well, lyrically, on their new collaborative project, Dum and Dummer.

The Memphis duo's 22-track mixtape features their genuine camaraderie over head-nodding trap beats. Dolph and Glock recently visited the XXL office to take part in our Masterpiece series to paint a few tracks from Dum and Dummer.

Glock, an artist signed to Dolph's Paper Route Empire label, explains the title of their project. "Everything we do is dumb and we gonna keep getting dumber," he says.

Meanwhile, Dolph meticulously paints a laughing emoji to represent the BandPlay-produced title track, "Dum and Dummer."

"I'm really trying to focus so hard on drawing this picture but from the looks of it, this might not finna be right," he states. In a few minutes, Dolph impressively creates an emoji with its tongue sticking out. Meanwhile, Glock draws an angry face emoji with the words "TF" screaming from it. He then adds "Aayyy" to Dolph's emoji.

The dynamic duo then goes on to create their next masterpiece for the banger "Water on Water." Glock keeps it simple and paints strips of blue lines to represent the waves of water.

"It's produced by BandPlay, it's hard," says Dolph about the song. "The video is on the way out. As a matter of fact, it's the new single, it's the bomb." BandPlay produced 20 of the 22 tracks on the project.

Dolph then added some graffiti by drawing the letters W-O-W. "'Water on Water.' We got emojis, graffiti and the wave, It all leads up to WOW," says the 34-year-old rapper, visibly impressed by his masterpiece.

Dolph and Glock then begin to create an image for "Blac Loccs," a standout track on the mixtape. The gospel-influenced banger was produced by BandPlay and it was the "vibe that was something [needed] on the tape," according to Dolph.

As far as their energy in the studio, they play off each other. "When we record together, we just pick up where we leave each other off, like, he might put a hook in or I might put in a verse or a hook in, it don't matter, we just go," Dolph continues. "We don't make it complicated because, more importantly, we just have fun with it."

Dolph then proceeds to create another emoji, this time with sunglasses to represent the black loccs. "I think I've found my Shakespeare mojo, " he says while painting. "I really enjoy my masterpiece."

Before finishing his black loccs emoji, Dolph tells the camera, "This is a masterpiece...dumbest of the dumbest, it's going on auction." Glock wants the bidding to go to the ballers: "Starting at $22 million." Dolph responds, "I think that's too much. I think we should lower it down to $20 million."

As they wrap up this art session, Dolph gives their artwork a grade: "120 A-plus," he states. Glock adds, "A-plus-plus."

Watch Young Dolph and Key Glock paint songs on their new Dum and Dummer mixtape and explain what each track means to them below.

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