Young Chop joins the long list of artists putting out new material for their fans this week (June 9), releasing his new 8417 EP. The Chicago producer provides listeners with seven new tracks which are being pushed out through his record imprint, Chopsquad Inc.

Chop is mostly on his solo tip for a majority of the project, laying down some autotune vocals, but he does have a hand from featured guest artists Y.B., Mike P. and Johnny May Cash. The project has all of the summer vibes that listeners could want for the warm season, with sunny-themed track titles to accompany the songs, such as "Ocean Vision."

The producer has been a hard-working machine in 2017, as he previously released his Let Em Know Chop mixtape earlier this year in February, where he delivered 13 new tracks for fans. He saw features on the autotune-filled tape from Yb Tae Flexin, Ill Will, Chopsquad and Sonny Digital.

Last year, Chop spoke with XXL about his transition into rapping and branching out of his producer box.

“It was easy for me to transition back into rap. I already was going to do it anyway, so why not now. I was like 12, 13 [when I started producing]. I was with my cousin and shit when I said I want to make beats. Ever since then I’ve been fucking with the beats. Then all that shit just blew up as me as a producer. [For me] making beats is easy, that shit like 15 to 20 minutes. It’s not hard for me; it may be for other people but not me," Chop told XXL.

Take a listen to the new EP from Chop below to hear what he's been cooking up for the summer season.

Young Chop's 8417 Tracklist

1. "Bank Closed" Feat. Y.B.
2. "Get Money"
3. "Goin Get It" Feat. Mike P. & Johnny May Cash
4. "Ain't No Question"
5. "Ocean Vision"
6. "WTF Is U Doin"
7. "Cut Like That"

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