When JAY-Z drops an album, the world tends to stop and pay very close attention. Unfortunately for other artists, that means if you put out your project on the same day as Hov, it might get overlooked. Enter Young Buck, whose 10 Toes Down LP happened to also have a June 30 release date.

The G-Unit rapper recently hopped on Instagram to address the matter, offering a Public Service Announcement to the Brooklyn rap mogul. Buck is clearly joking, but he's dead serious at the same time. "I got a quick message for JAY-Z," he starts. "Next time you see me dropping a album, get out my way dude. Quit buying up every got damn thing, bro. Let a young nigga get his ass in Jay."

He continues, "I get up, turn on the radio. JAY-Z whole got damn album playing way in got damn Cashville. Nigga, I dropped too nigga. Get out my motherfucking way Jay. Salute nigga, but got damn let a young nigga eat."

He captioned the clip, "#PublicServiceAnnouncement😂😂😂!!! NOW GO GRAB #10ToesDown👣 AVAILABLE NOW🔥🔥🔥🔥!!!!! #linkinbio📲💻."

But in all seriousness, Hov's over-shadowing project will have an affect on Buck's sales. Many artists strategically drop their albums on dates that no other big artists are releasing on to maximize their exposure and visibility. But when you are competing for air and ad time in the same week as a generational rapper like JAY-Z, it can be a hard act to follow. Stream or purchase Young Buck's 10 Toes Down.

Check out his rant below.

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