YK Osiris may not be good with paying people back on time, but when it comes to basketball, he’s pretty good on the court.

Case in point: On Tuesday (March 22), the 2019 XXL Freshman shared on his Instagram page a brief video of himself playing one-on-one with Polo G at the Chicago rapper's spacious mansion in California. In the clip, YK is bouncing the ball at half court with Polo looking to steal it from him. Suddenly, without warning, YK tosses up a ridiculous basketball shot and, miraculously, it goes in.

Everyone on the sideline can’t believe it. “He be doing that shit, bruh,” the camera guy tells the shocked onlookers. Meanwhile, YK, looking surprised himself that he made the shot, starts laughing as Polo G dares him to do it again.

There’s no word if any bets were placed on their basketball game.

If you recall, last December, YK owed Drake $60,000 after losing to him during a basketball game at his Toronto mansion. In a video the R&B singer posted on his IG story, Drizzy jokingly demanded that YK sing his 2019 track “Worth It” in order to pay off his debt. “You owe me 60 bands and you have to perform the song in the crib,” he told him. "I’m giving you an out.”

“I’m not Baby, I’m not Boosie," he continued. "You don’t owe me two racks or five racks. You owe me 60 bands and I’m playing the song right now. You ready?”

After much goading from Drake, YK agreed to sing the song. When the 6 God played the track, YK jumped up and belted out the first lines—“I would give you the world, baby girl/You just gotta be worth it, uh, uh, uh”—with every emotion in his body.

Drake and several other people started laughing hysterically at the South Florida crooner’s in-house performance.

YK Osiris isn’t the only artist with skills the basketball court. Rappers Quavo and Jack Harlow are avid b-ballers as well.

In the meantime, Check out Polo G’s lavish $5 million California mansion below.

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