The Ying Yang Twins were making turn up anthems before "turn up" was even really a popular phrase. Still, that doesn't mean they're immune to turning in an underwhelming performance.

According to TMZ, Kaine—who makes up one half of the duo with D-Roc—appeared to be so "messed up" he had to be escorted off stage during their performance at Little Rock, Ark.

Apparently, the shirtless Kaine had already been escorted off stage earlier in the night, but had continued to make his way to the stage. The Ying Yang Twins, who haven't dropped a project since 2013's Twurk Or Die mixtape, were in the middle of their sultry, Avant-assisted track "Bedroom Boom" when Kaine was escorted off stage by security for the last time.

Now, we can't say for sure whether or not Kaine was actually intoxicated, though he certainly appears to be in the video obtained by TMZ. In the clip, we can hear Kaine crooning something off key and see him stumbling around the stage. It wasn't a good look, and D-Roc ultimately had to finish the set by himself. The Ying Yang Twins have bangers on top of bangers, but there's no telling how the rest of D-Roc's performance went with his comrade out of commission.

You can peep the video for yourself just below. We hope all is well with Kaine.

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