On the song "Deeper Than Rap" off his new Stay Dangerous album, YG raps, "I'm trippin', I got anxiety, mental problems." Now, the rapper is opening up about his struggles and how he realized his issues.

Appearing on Power 105's The Breakfast Club on Tuesday (Aug. 7), YG says it was a meeting with movie producer Scott Budnick that opened his eyes to mental health. "They was talkin' to me about mental health and how a lot of our people... we like mental health victims," the Compton rapper said.

"They start tellin' me different forms of mental health... So, I'm like damn, 'I'm a victim to this shit!'" he continued. "I ain't really know what the shit really was until they started breaking it down," he added, speaking about anxiety, PTSD and more.

Although YG isn't currently getting any help for his mental health issues, he did attend one therapy session that was the subject of a Viceland documentary. "Going once, it don't work," he said. "We was having a convo but when you leave the room, life is still happening."

Elsewhere during the interview, YG spoke about a joint project with Nipsey Hussle that has yet to release. The rapper says while working on the project that is supposed to be called Two of America's Most Wanted, the two ended up recording "FDT." Although the project has yet to drop, YG says it's still coming.

"That shit gon' happen. When? I don't know," YG said. "We been working on it... Everybody living their life."

The California artist also spoke about a recent arrest in Las Vegas where he allegedly stole a man's chain but denies that a robbery actually happened. ”I ain't steal no chain. That man was a mad fan. I gotta call my lawyer,” YG said. He then proceeded to actually call not one, but two of his lawyers while on air.

Check out YG's interview with The Breakfast Club below.

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