YG found himself in the center of a tense situation when he was reportedly stopped by police while cruising around Burbank, Calif. last Wednesday (Aug. 9). According to the folks at TMZ, the rapper remained in his Mercedes-Maybach after police asked him to exit, saying he refused to do so because he was afraid they would harm him if he were to do so.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ authorities stopped YG when they noticed the dark tinted windows on his whip, which, depending on how dark they were, might be illegal in California. Soon enough, the police asked for YG to show them his license and registration. That's when things went left.

YG reportedly responded with a simple "no" when the police first asked for his license and registration, and he repeated it when they asked him to exit his whip. At that point, YG, who's used his platform to discuss police brutality in the past, told the officers he didn't trust them. He explained that he believed they would harm him if he were to leave his vehicle, so he didn't.

From there, the standoff continued and backup patrol cars apparently arrived at the scene. YG exited his car some time after the backup pulled up to the site of the standoff. When the police asked him to hand them his ID—which he didn't have—YG reportedly asked officers if they knew he was a famous rapper, trying to get out of a bad situation. The folks at TMZ reached out to YG for a comment on the matter, but they haven't gotten a response.

YG was then cited for having tinted windows, no ID and no license plate. Back in April, the Compton rapper was handcuffed after being uncooperative with police as his friend was being stopped for his whip's paper license plate.

XXL has reached out to YG's rep for comment.

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