Over the weekend, YFN Lucci and Johnny Cinco, two of the hottest rappers in Atlanta, went to Little Rock, Arkansas to do a show. The gig was at a place called Alpha 6ix Bar & Grill and everything seemed to be going just fine until a fight broke out. During the scuffle, shots were fired, and the whole thing was caught on camera. You can see the moment above.

Later on, Lucci was seen stalking the cite of the incident with a gun in hand. You can see that video below. Many believed it was he or Cinco that actually let shots fire, but by the looks of the above footage it seems like it was actually a bodyguard who fired his weapon. No reports of injuries have been made.

The two have been on their respective up and ups the past couple years. Lucci found success in Atlanta with his "Wonder Why" record recently while Johnny Cinco has been putting in work for years now. They both just dropped new tapes, too - Lucci's Wish Me Well 2 and Cinco's Cinco 2.

The latter is interesting because in addition to the free 16-track edition to his tape, Cinco also released three songs onto iTunes and Spotify. One of those three selections is "Master P," a sweeping song with stabbing keys that can make you dance at a moment's notice. Peep that below as well.

Lucci is currently under T.I.G., the same label that Rich Homie Quan came up with, while Cinco is running with Quality Control. Both of them are incredible talented, so peep their music if you haven't already.

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