Atlanta's own YFN Lucci is back with a stirring new visual for "Documentary," a cut from last year's Wish Me Well 2. Featuring footage from his concerts and studio sessions, the video chronicles his rise to rap stardom.

Throughout the new video, Lucci performs in front of packed crowds as "Documentary" continues playing. In the song itself, the Think It's a Game MC raps about his come-up from hustling and all the pain and suffering he's seen in his life.

"I'm on broadway, fucked up how they did Mitch in the hallway/I'm fucked up gotta get rich in this hallway/I swear I really got rich in the hallway," he raps at one point in his second verse.

He continues, "My mother lost her sister, her mother lost her daughter/Then my mother lost her mother, then my grandma lost her mother/Then I fucked around and lost my cousin/Never thought I never see Muffin."

When Lucci isn't in concert, we see him in the place where his dreams first started to materialize: the studio. It's there where we see him recording songs that quite possibly ended up being on his breakout mixtape, Wish Me Well. You can see the new visual for yourself below.

Lucci is all set to drop his new EP soon, and in preparation for the release he dropped his new single "Never Worried." You can check that out for yourself here.

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