Yelawolf's upcoming album Love Story is due out in April and the Alabama spitter gets fans ready for the project with his video for "Whiskey In A Bottle." The South-inspired clip sees Yela riding through the woods on a motorcycle, getting tatted up, having drunks in a dive bar and hitting the studio with his band. The MC cops to flopping with his last album, Radioactive, to which he spoke at length about with XXL.

“My last album was so rushed,” Yela told us.  ”It was like a fucking rush to do everything; rushing to get it in, rush to do this, etc; a lot outside ideas. For instance, I walked in the studio and Lil Jon was already on my record. So things like that happened throughout the entire album. That production company is gone, it doesn’t exist anymore. After talking to Marshall, this time around, were just going to go back to the roots. Just give me the keys to the studio—which they did—I’ll turn in an album and we’ll take it from there. There’s no one else involved. Me, the producers, the musicians that I invite, after I speak to Marshall and that’s it. It’s kind of like invite only.”

Along with "Whiskey In A Bottle," Yelawolf has also dropped "Till It's Gone" which was featured on the hit show Sons Of Anarchy. Based on what we've heard so far, Yela sounds much more comfortable with this sound compared to Radioactive.