It's no secret: Yelawolf likes his liquor. On Thursday (Sept. 22), the former XXL freshman unleashed a video for his liquor-laden new single, "Daylight."

In the visual, the 36-year-old rapper wears a Pharrell-like hat with a jean jacket with no sleeves. He chills in the rain, he claps along to the guitar beat, and he just has a lit ol' time, in general. The nearly five-minute video features a self-produced, up-beat, acoustic-based instrumental, which gives the Alabama artist free reign to do his thang.

And it's clear what's on Yelawolf's mind - that liq. "You keep it one hunned/I keep it one hunned proof," he spits. Partying with Yela seems like it'd be hella fun, but on the real, there's a good chance he'd drink anyone and everyone under the table.

He also flexes his lyrical chops throughout the single, which is slated to appear on his forthcoming album Trial By Fire. He raps, "Got me a bottle, lookin' out at my El Dorado/Smokin' a barro, whip up an egg and avocado/I'm on the porch like a slummy Ralph Lauren model/Flannel shirt like a lumberjack choppin' a log-o/Pistol next to the ashtray, no bow and arrow."

In other Yelawolf-related news, the MC took to Instagram to announce that DJ Paul is partnering up with SlumAmerican. Yelawolf typed, “DJ PAUL IS THE MOTHERFUCKING TRUTH!” Yelawolf wrote on Instagram. “Fortunately for the world of music Paul puts out music constantly … Even more fortunate for SLUMERICAN .. DJ Paul will now be putting his next records out with us!!!"

You can view the "Daylight" video above via YouTube.

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