Concertgoers at a recent Yelawolf show in Minneapolis were treated to only one song after the rapper had to cut his set short.

According to a tweet from Yelawolf's official Twitter account, the Alabama artist had to leave the stage on Dec. 2 after suffering from exhaustion. "Unfortunately, after taking the stage last night, Yelawolf was forced to leave the stage due to exhaustion," the statement read. "He is currently resting and apologies to the fans for not being able to finish the show. The Minneapolis show will be rescheduled soon."

Footage from the event at the Skyway venue shows Yelawolf standing still onstage as a song plays in the background. After the track ends, the rapper proceeds to throw his microphone and walks off the stage.

While some fans are praying for a speedy recovery for the rapper, others are upset about how things went down. "Easy for you to say... a lot of people sacrificed more than I did to go to the show and to have him come out for one song and throw his mic and have a hissy fit is a joke he was not 'tired,'" wrote one fan.

"Ya know what all of that equals to, a waste of my time and money. I could have got a better show from youtube in my living room," wrote another person.

Up next for Yelawolf, the Trial by Fire rapper is scheduled to perform in Iowa City, Iowa on Dec. 5, followed by two shows on Dec. 6 and Dec. 7 in Indiana and Kentucky. Yelawolf will then make his way to Australia on Dec. 13 for six shows in Australia and New Zealand.

Check out the statement from Yelawolf below.

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