Yasiin Bey is doing a bit of damage control after his statements regarding 6ix9ine's smash hit "Gummo" made headlines yesterday (June 26).

As previously reported, Yasiin was briefly featured in the third installment of AWGE's web docu-series chronicling behind-the-scenes moments with the A$AP Mob and their affiliates. One clip in particular finds Yasiin viewing the video for 6ix9ine's "Gummo" on a laptop. As he's watching the visual, the "Buy My App" rapper shares a bit of critique. "Why everybody acting like this is new," Yasiin says. "This is a version of the same old shit."

Shortly after, the clip cuts to Yasiin no longer watching the video but he can be heard remarking, "This is the most depressing shit I've ever seen in my life." To which quite a few Tekashi fans have disgruntled feelings towards.

According to Bey, the footage was apparently not supposed to see the light of day. Late Thursday night (July 26), the decorated rap vet clarified the sentiment behind his criticism in an official statement. "Unbeknownst to Yasiin Bey and the AWGE team, an unapproved version of AWGE DVD Vol. 3 was leaked and included a clip of Yasiin Bey that was taken out of context and edited in a way that does not accurately depict him or his opinions," the statement reads. "The leaked clip was not included in the final released version of Vol 3 from AWGE and does not reflect Yasiin Bey's feelings on Tekashi 6ix9ine, his work or otherwise. No further comment will be made at this time."

And, there you have it. Take a look at the clip in question below.

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