After an initial dearth of details surrounding the murder of XXXTentacion this past Monday (June 18), a police warrant issued for 22-year-old Dedrick Devonshay Williams, who was arrested for first-degree murder on Wednesday (June 20) in relation to X's killing, has provided a substantial amount of new information regarding the case.

This police warrant, which can be viewed below as documents from the Broward County Clerk, offers details that diverge a bit from previous reports surrounding the death of the blossoming rap superstar. A witness, who was a friend in the vehicle when XXXTentacion was shot, provides information listed in the affidavit for arrest that gives a timeline leading up to his death.

Early news reports included information that X died from a single gunshot wound, but now, this arrest warrant reveals the rapper was shot multiple times. And while XXXTentacion's lawyer said the robbery and subsequent murder of X was believed to have happened at random, the arrest warrant details that the men responsible for his death were actually in Riva Motorsports in Deerfield Beach, Fla., at the same time as X.

According to the police document, surveillance footage from inside Riva Motorsports show two suspects believed to be responsible for X's death actually walk past the rapper in the store. One of them was identified by Riva Motorsports employee as Dedrick Williams. Williams bought a black mask in the store, which was then worn by one of the shooters who approached X's vehicle. These two men apparently then left the building and waited outside of the store until X left, which indicates some level of premeditated murder.

From there, the document includes details that Williams drove an SUV in front of X's car so that two men inside the vehicle could rob the rapper at gunpoint. This means police don't necessarily believe Williams was one of the people who pulled the trigger to shoot X. However, the warrant does describe Williams as being an active part of X's murder.

The document also includes that after Williams allegedly drove the SUV in front of X's car,  that two gunmen jumped out of their vehicle and began to try to execute their plan. After they approached the 20-year-old artist, a brief struggle ensued and the gunman, or gunmen, shot the rapper.

After they shot him, police believe the culprits left the scene with a small bag, which is possibly the Louis Vuitton bag X was initially reported to be carrying at the time of his death. X, who was recently revealed to have been an expecting father, was taken to Broward Health North hospital after he was shot. The Broward Sheriff's Office pronounced the rapper dead shortly thereafter. In the arrest warrant, Associate Broward Medical Examiner Dr. Iouri Boiko ruled X's cause of death as multiple gunshot wounds and the manner of death as homicide.

In other developments surrounding Williams, the warrant indicates that the murder suspect was wearing bright orange sandals in surveillance footage from Riva Motorsports. As the document notes, Williams' Instagram account and Facebook page have an image of him wearing orange sandals. Williams can also be seen buying a black neoprene mask in the store. The other suspect was reportedly wearing a dark outfit and a red mask. In a dispatch call given at the time of the shooting, one of X's killers was reported to be wearing a red mask.

Part of the arrest affidavit reads, "On 6/18/2018 at 3:57 PM, deputies were dispatched to 3671 North Dixie Highway in Deerfield Beach in reference to a shooting. Upon arrival, deputies found the victim, [NAME REDACTED], seated in the drivers seat of a black BMW parked on the north side of the parking lot of Riva Motor Sports. The victim was suffering from what appeared to be several gunshot wounds. It was determined that the victim had come with a friend, [NAME REDACTED], to the location to look at motorcycles. [NAME REDACTED] stated that as they were leaving the location, their vehicle was cut off by a dark colored SUV. Two subjects exited the passenger side of the SUV armed with guns and demanded property from the victim. The victim was then shot by the gunman. After the victim was shot, of the gunmen entered the victim's vehicle and removed a small bag from within. Both suspects reentered the passenger's side of the dark colored SUV and the vehicle fled the scene.

An eyewitness to the shooting named [NAME REDACTED] provided a sworn statement and advised that both of the gunmen appeared to be black makes, wearing dark clothing, gloves and wearing some type of face mask during the incident, one black in color and the other red in color."

Police have reportedly issued two other arrest warrants for two suspects they believe to be involved in the killing of XXXTentacion.

XXL has reached out to the Broward Sheriff's Office for comment. Take a look at the arrest affidavit in full below.

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