As a certified movie star and the de facto leader of the legendary Wu-Tang Clan, few rappers embody hip-hop's transformational qualities quite like RZA. His rich production history, rhyme-slinging and Hollywood-mingling afford him the stature to analyze moments unfolding at the intersection of hip-hop, politics and pop culture.

That's a power he puts to good use in the first episode of the Whoolywood Shuffle, XXL's DJ Whoo Kid-hosted podcast bringing new, in depth conversations with rappers, actors and athletes with new episodes each week. RZA and Reno 911! actor Thomas Lennon serve as guests.

Over the course of an hour, RZA touches on everything from Eminem's epic Trump diss, Wu-Tang's arguably forgotten penchant for speaking truth to power and the miracles of a locked-in Method Man. He's also got a little nugget about originally producing one of Wu-Tang's tracks with the intention of including the great Aaliyah.

Speaking on "Gravel Pit," RZA reveals that he'd actually created that particular audio canvas with the singer in mind. "I made that beat and the concept for Aaliyah, to be on the hook, originally," RZA revealed. "And she had came to the studio and it was gonna happen, but, you know  it didn't happen."

Listen to the rest of the podcast, which also finds RZA claiming a Wu-Tang Clan Trump diss would have been ignored in a way Eminem's wasn't, for yourself below. You can also stream it on iTunes.

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