Last night, NYC erupted with protests in support of the Baltimore rallys, which broke out as a result of the death of Freddie Gray. The 25-year-old passed on April 19, due to a lethal injury to his neck and head, after being chased down then tackled by authorities. For the past week, the Maryland city has broken into riots, rallys, and protests to reinforce the unjustified death of the latest symbol of police brutality, Gray.

Yesterday (April 29), XXL contacted Pro Era co-founder, Joey Bada$$, who has in the past expressed his discern with police brutality, both in his music and even in his latest music video, "Like Me." The rapper immediately hopped on board and geared up to fight for the lengthy cause. At around 6pm, Joey, Pro Era, and XXL hit Union Square, which quickly filled with radicals of all ages.

As the protest evoked with a calm tone, with protesters solely chanting and holding signs, by nightfall, things took a turn for the worse. Check it out.