Earlier this week, XXL Editor-In-Chief Vanessa Satten and Assistant Editor Miranda J. visited The Breakfast Club to explain how the 2016 Freshmen were chosen. You can watch that above.

During their conversation (starting at the 21:00 mark), DJ Envy asked why Post Malone wasn't on the cover. "We were told by his camp that he wasn't paying attention to hip-hop so much, he was going in more of a rock/pop/country direction," said Satten. "We never even discussed playing music, we never even met on it. Once we heard he was going in a whole different music direction and wasn't really acknowledging hip-hop, and really once they were telling us, 'We're going in a country direction,' that's the message that you don't really want to be in the hip-hop world so we're just gonna let it go rather than chase you down and beat you in the head over it."

Following the interview, multiple outlets ran with the news that Post was transitioning to other genres.

Early this morning (June 16), Post responded to Satten's comments in an Instagram post, saying, "No ulterior motives. End of story, I didn't want to do the cover because I was tired and didn't want to take the 6 hour flight to NY." You can read his IG post below.

In response to Post, Satten has written a note on Instagram explaining where the info about his change in direction came from. You can read that below as well.

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