By now, it’s nothing new to hear about rappers funding new businesses. But perhaps there isn’t an MC and business that go hand-in-hand better than Akinyele and a strip club.

The popular 1990s rapper, who penned the ultra-raunchy “Put It In Your Mouth” track back in 1996, has opened up his very own strip club, LollyPops, which is located in Las Vegas right behind the famed Mandalay Bay.

“It doesn’t suck,” Akinyele told about the strip joint. “If you love what you do, you’ll feel like you never worked a day in your life. I’m in love with what I do.”

Akinyele had a soft opening to Lollypops last month, but had great success with its official opening May 5th, the night of the Floyd Mayweather vs. Miguel Cotto fight.

“We’re open 24 hours,” he added about the club based in the heart of Sin City. “We’re making a lot of money. It’s a lot of fun.”

Akinyele long made a career, spitting sexually-charged rhymes and frequenting strip clubs, so it makes sense for him to open his own adult club.

Sexually-explicit lyrics aside, Akinyele was known as a serious MC, one who was heavy on metaphors and slick with wordplay, having held his own alongside Nas, Joe Fatal and Large Professor on Main Source’s classic cut, “Live at the Barbeque.”

“They always used to tell me, ‘Ak, you’re such a good rapper, such a metaphorical rapper…it’s a shame that you only talk about sex,” Ak continued. “But that’s what I love to do. And look at me now…I’m making money.”

Akinyele dropped his first album, Vagina Diner, back in 1993. His last album, Anakonda, was released in 2001.—Mark Lelinwalla