When it comes to hip-hop, rappers are some of the biggest jokesters around. Though some might think MCs fit the stereotypical persona of rough-neck, street-raised thugs, many of hip-hop's biggest names are practical jokers. 50 Cent is hailed as one of rap's biggest online trolls, starting beef and instigating his adversaries like Diddy and Rick Ross on social media non-stop. 2015 XXL Freshman Vince Staples is also an outspoken and funny figure online. Whether he's clowning on a brand while in concert, trolling old hip-hop heads on Twitter or writing hilarious restaurant reviews on Yelp, Vince's sarcastic dry humor is infectious.

Since April is National Humor Month in America, XXL dug into the archives to highlight the funniest raps put on wax to embrace the therapeutic value of comedy. As far back as the 1980s, rappers like Biz Markie and Digital Underground were using rhymes to get their jokes off about girls, money and more. And even in 2016, one of the year's biggest hits so far, Yo Gotti's "Down in the DM" is climbing the charts thanks to its awesome bass beat (shout out to Ben Billions) and the rapper's hilarious lyrics about his love for getting direct messages from girls on social media -- not to mention his love for Angela Simmons. After all, the best comedy comes from honesty, right?

Check out some of the funniest hip-hop songs in the history of the game. From Biz Markie to ODB and Weird Al Yankovic and the Lonely Island, hip-hop always gets the last laugh.

  • 1

    "No Pigeons"

    Sporty Thievez
  • 2

    "Wait (The Whisper Song)"

    Ying Yang Twins
  • 3

    "Because I Got High"

  • 4

    "My Dick"

    Mickey Avalon
  • 5

    "Ya Mama"

    The Pharcyde
  • 6

    "Shimmy Shimmy Ya"

    Ol' Dirty Bastard
  • 7

    "My Vag"

  • 8

    "My Name Is"

  • 9

    "White Girls"

    Mighty Casey
  • 10

    "Down in the DM"

    Yo Gotti
  • 11

    "White & Nerdy"

    "Weird Al" Yankovic
  • 12

    "Still Fly"

    Big Tymers
  • 13

    "Put It in Your Mouth"

  • 14

    "Paul Revere"

    Beastie Boys
  • 15

    "La Di Da Di"

    Slick Rick Featuring Doug E. Fresh
  • 16

    "Just a Friend"

    Biz Markie
  • 17


    Naughty by Nature
  • 18

    "The Humpty Dance"

    Digital Underground
  • 19

    "Sooperman Luva II"

  • 20

    "I'm On a Boat"

    The Lonely Island Featuring T-Pain

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