Throughout his career, Papoose hasn’t been the kind of MC to feature a plethora of other rappers on his songs.

But for the remix to his banger, “I’m Like That,” Pap went all out, recruiting Jadakiss and Styles P from the Lox and hip-hop’s current favorite go-to cat for an assist, 2 Chainz.

“A lot of artists abuse the feature thing and I haven’t been the type to feature a whole lot of rappers on my songs, but for this one, I wanted to do something different to show fans that I’m willing to work with other artists,” Papoose told about the remix, which debuted Thursday night (April 19). “The original record gained  a lot of momentum on radio and in the streets and the remix is crazy.

“Jadakiss and Styles…I grew up listening to those niggas,” Pap continued. “2 Chainz, we have a mutual friend and when I asked him, he was like, ‘Hell yeah!’ 2 Chainz is a real dude. He’s doing his thing and he’s showing he can come up.”

Pap believes that the original record and remix should help push plans on finally delivering his Nacirema Dream album forward.

“The album will see the day of light real soon if everything keeps going the way it is,” Papoose said. “[Funkmaster] Flex played [“It’s Like That” remix] four times last night. The only thing that’s holding me back is the politics of the game. But the album will come out this year, definitely.”

When it does, Pap says he has a record, “What’s My Name,” that features his wife, Remy Ma, which is sure to please listeners.

“On that record, you’ll get more of an insight about how we interact with each other in the relationship,” he said. “It’s a crazy record, I’m eager to put it out.”—Mark Lelinwalla