While Wiz Khalifa has delivered a number of messages to Kanye West during recent shows in South America, there is one thing that he definitely didn't do. A rumor has been circulating that Wiz played Kim Kardashian's sex tape during a performance in South America recently, but his DJ, DJ Bonics squashed the talk.

Bonics denied that anything of the sort had happened in a Twitter post on Monday morning (Feb. 1).

"Wiz did not play a Kim sex tape over the weekend during a concert," he wrote. "Can't believe you guys believe this stuff...Lol" Wiz and Kanye West had it out on Twitter last week, with Kanye bringing Wiz's ex-wife and mother of his son Amber Rose into the fray writing, "you let a stripper trap you." Some sensed a bit of irony in Kanye's slanderous speech, as his own wife Kim Kardashian, first emerged onto the pop culture scene thanks in large part to a sex tape recorded with Ray J. That Wiz would play the sex tape on stage is a bit of imaginative projection, dragging one spouse as retribution for dragging the other.

Wiz did comment on the beef while performing at those South American shows, saying "fuck Kanye" while in Argentina and "We coming for you, Kanye,” during a show in Chile. There has been plenty of back and forth and mud slinging, so it isn't surprising that the sex tape rumor would bubble up, but it would have been an extreme gesture for a rapper who dominated pop charts last year with "See You Again."

Read DJ Bonics' tweet below.

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