Wiz Khalifa's son gets some screen time in the new Taylor Gang music video. Wiz incorporates Sebastian in the visual for Taylor Gang's track "Sleep At Night" off TGOD Volume 1. The visual kicks off with Tuki Carter relaxing before quickly launching into his rhymes.

"Pimping, pimping good with women/Silly Simpson sipping women/Taylor Gang, a gang of bitches/Say my name, it equal riches/Who's your man, this nigga's tripping/Baller fishing, rats rats, this nigga dipping," Tuki wraps.

The video turns it focus on Wiz, who is seen at his crib with his son. The Pittsburgh gives viewers a glimpse at his luxurious accommodations while spitting his own verse from the cut.

"Driving in a foreign and I got a warrant/Smoking on that dope, I ain't got no hope/A bitch hit the dope, now she gotta choke/Riding in that Porsche like it's a roller coaster," Wiz raps.

Since it is a Wiz video, you know there's gonna be plenty of weed involved. The rapper is quite giving when it comes to weed, even going as far as let the paparazzi have some of his stash.

Wiz joked around with the paparazzi this past weekend and handed out his own personal strain, Khalifa Kush. One cameraman noted how strong the smell of marijuana was, which seemed to delight Wiz. The MC noted that the smell proved it was "the good shit." He also stated that anyone who smokes weed should be listening to his music.

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