Wiz Khalifa has been keeping a lower profile on the music front this year, but it's because his focus is shifting over to a new passion for working out.

Young Khalifa Man has been going hard in the gym in recent months, and he's finally showing off the results of his exercise regime. Wiz posted a new photo to Instagram, where he unveils his new and improved body, and speaks on how he's been able to accomplish obtaining it.

"Having two sets of trainers has pushed my mind and body to places I never thought it could go," Wiz writes. "Thank you to my @unbreakableperformance team for helping me find a new passion. Im not posting this to show off my body. I’m postin it to show that I’m workin on myself and you should too. #happybirthdaytome."

He also shows off a video of him getting hit by his boxing trainer as the hitmaker stands up against the wall, where he gets punched multiple time as the trainer sings "Happy Birthday" to him.

The "Something New" entertainer surprised fans earlier this year with the release of his Pre-Rolleds EP, which was a brief project that contained just four tracks from Wiz with features from Chevy Woods and Kris Hollis.

See Wiz's new workout results in the photo and video below.

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