Wiz Khalifa lives out every stoner's dream by getting his own strain of bud named after him. The rapper has partnered up with Denver, CO. dispensary RiverRock for his own strain of weed called "Khalifa Kush."

"These products have taken years to perfect" the rapper said in a press release. "I'm really excited to finally share them with the public and work with RiverRock to raise awareness and end cannabis prohibition nationwide."

Earlier this week, the "We Dem Boyz" MC stopped by The Angie Martinez Show and gave more insight into the deal and the fight to legalize marijuana.

"I just recently did a deal with this company called RiverRock and they've been really pushing the legalization of marijuana," he said. "Me being a connoisseur of [weed], my taste and preferences are highly looked at so we partnered up and I branded 'Khalifa Kush' and we have [plants] growing...[You can get it] From whatever dispensary that you can get it from that's licensed from us and tracked by our people. You can get one of our babies...It's the best [strain] to me because it doesn't make you lazy."

Earlier today (Feb. 5) Wiz dropped a new project to light up toKhalifa features 13 new tracks and serves as a warm up to Rolling Papers 2, which he says will drop this year.

“I’m still working on [Rolling Papers 2],” he told Hot 97. “I’m putting it out this year, hopefully before the summer is over. I’m going to go on tour during the summer so before the summer I’m going to put Rolling Papers 2 out. Khalifa is to hold folks over.”

With his own strain of bud for sale, a new album and another project on deck, Wiz's star continues to grow.

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