Despite not dropping an album in 2015, Wiz Khalifa had a big year mostly due to his hit single "See You Again" which peaked at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, became the first hip-hop video to reach 1 billion views on YouTube and earned the stoner a Golden Globe nomination. Seeing his stellar 2015 as godsend that was helped out by his loyal Taylors, Cam is ready to pay if forward recently announcing he will put out a project of unreleased tracks in January.

In a recent video message, Wiz thanked his die-hard fans for facilitating his continued success. After plugging his new mixtape Cabin Fever 3 and his upcoming album Rolling Papers 2 , the Pittsburgh rapper announced the new project that will drop in between the two saying, "This is just now being known, nobody really knows this. I plan on putting out a project with some unreleased music that nobody's ever heard before and I'm going to call it Project Khlaifa."

He added, "That's actually going to be available in January. Now you know...go get [Project] Khalifa when it comes out."

While he didn't drop an album in 2015, Wiz was hella busy on the road touring. He embarked on a massive tour with Fall Out Boy over the summer. He and A$AP Rocky also had a joint European tour during the fall.

Now with two projects already set for 2016 (three if you count the seemingly forgot about Curren$y collab project), it looks like Wiz' focus will be dropping new tunes.

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