Most fans show their admiration and appreciation through fan mail, collecting celebrity paraphernalia and attempting to attend every show held by that artist, but not Wiz Khalifa. The Pittsburgh rapper took it to a deeper, more permanent level. Wiz Khalifa tattooed a portrait of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony on his left thigh to pay homage to the legendary group.

After the 28 Grams rapper revealed his tattoo in an interview, TMZ chopped it up with a few members of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony to capture their reaction to Khalifa's latest ink. While most of them found the action respectable, Krayzie Bone dubbed the tattoo "crazy." Bizzy Bone said "This is proof they are legends in the hip-hop game." He told also TMZ the tat is "great homage, especially since it's coming from another great Hip Hop artist." Flesh-n-Bone said "The tat blew my mind!" and Wish Bone feels blessed Wiz looks at them as "his idols in the Hip Hop game."

The Cleveland natives are no strangers to paying homage to artists they respect, so most of the members understood why Khalifa went through such lengths to publicize his admiration.

Wiz Khalifa