Will.i.am has decided that he knows how a good interview works. The Black Eyed Peas member apparently hands out a guide to "maximizing your interview time with Will.i.am before a reporter speaks to him."

The Daily Telegraph writer Henry Wallop went on Twitter to share a guide he was given before interviewing Will.i.am for a recent profile. As you might expect from such a audacious move, this guide is full of pretentious statements as the rapper tells journalists how to properly do their job. Here's just an excerpt of Will.i.am's guide.

"Start off with 1-2 warm up questions, and then get to the heart of what you really want to ask. Because he can sometimes give very lengthy responses, don't hold your most important questions until the end of your time allocation. Due to a tight rotation schedule, we will ask that journalists stick to time blocks as assigned for the day."

Among the other gems in Will.i.am's guide to interviewing himself includes avoiding questions that require repeating information that's already been shared. Clearly that is a sore spot for the Black Eyed Peas member as a 2015 study by Rap Analysis found him to be the most repetitive rapper in hip-hop.

You can check out page one of Will.I.Am's guide below courtesy of Harry Wallop's Twitter. If you'd like to read the story that Wallop did on the Black Eyed Peas member, head over to the Telegraph at this link.

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