Will.i.am moves on from mocking Donald Trump and returns with a single that seems destined for radio rotation. The Black Eyed Peas member unleashes the upbeat anthem “Fiyah” along with an accompanying music video.

The visuals are meant to show Will.i.am’s appreciation for British culture. Director Shadae Lamar Smith helps him accomplish this by concocting a tavern scene, which caps off with a choreographed dance number. All of this plays out while Will.i.am delivers some vainglorious lines.

“I woke up like this/I’m buttoned up like this/I turn up like this/All I wanna do is burn it up like this/I stay like that/Loco, straight cray like that/I kill it, kill it, kill it, kill it, kill it, kill it/Tell 'em, tell 'em I don’t play like that/I'm the man here/Spend a 150 grand in here/So hot, need a fan in here/Aww yeah, they playing my jam in here/It’s an inferno/If you don't know, baby, now you know,” Will.i.am raps.

While Will.i.am’s song is full of braggadocio, the veteran artist is not so self-centered when it comes to pushing for changes. The BEP star spoke at DreamForce, one of the biggest software conferences in the world, about the need for the tech world to become more inclusive. Will.i.am believes the tech industry could transform inner cities around the country.

“I think that geekdom can change inner cities forever,” he said.

Watch Will.i.am’s “Fiyah” video below.

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