Over the years, the term SoundCloud rapper has morphed into something with negative connotations and is defined in some circles as an artist with mediocre talent who lacks label backing and therefore shares their music for free on the streaming service. Face tatts and died dreads are optional. Former XXL Freshman Wifisfuneral wants to make one thing clear: He should not be labeled as such.

Early Sunday morning (Feb. 24), the South Florida rapper responded to a Twitter user who suggested Wifi would be more popular if he advanced past his "SoundCloud style" and didn't have tattoos on his face. Wifi was put off by the notion.

"This whole tweet ignorant lol," he responded. "If you just don’t like my style that’s one thing. Def evolved though. At the point where I’m tired of explaining myself cause y’all think y’all know everything so ima just let y’all win LOL I’ll go legit insane tryna prove myself I love my music tbh."

He added, "Oh and I’m not a fucking SoundCloud rapper it was just the only relevant outlet to release music on because YouTube or all that other shit wasn’t half advanced as it."

The Connected rapper clearly took exception to the tweet and tried to point out the hypocrisy. "One last thing, y’all talk about me and my shit but yet support artist that literally fuck y’all over for your money with a gimmick," he posted. "Meanwhile my whole career I’ve done nothing but let my music speak for me. And ima keep doing that cause it’s fun. Have fun. Love life."

Peep Wifisfuneral's tweets about wanting to shed the SoundCloud rapper label below.

See Wifisfuneral's Tweets About Not Wanting to Be Labeled a SoundCloud Rapper

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