Just last week the homie Lowkey twittered (or is it tweeted?), "Who is the king of the net?"

Biggie's still the king of New York, Lil Wayne's the king of the world and T.I.'s the king of the south, but the net has yet to find its ruler. I'm not talking rappers here. They have enough crowns as it is. I must give credit where credit is due, though. Whenever I venture over to nahright, onsmash or worldstarhiphop and see XYZ interview rappers or doing video packages, I can't help but think on the stronghold SOHH once had on the net when it comes to hip-hop/urban sites. True, Allhiphop was no.1, but SOHH was ahead of the curve as far as popularizing blogs and doing original video content.

What a difference three years make? Bloggers are now the new rappers and pretty much everybody is running around with a flip cam posting all types of clips at an alarming rate. We don't always care, though. I personally only check for a few and I think they pretty much could be in the king of the net running. You just can't have that conversation without mentioning Dallas Penn. Internets! Internets! The man has a show dubbed Internets Celebrities for God's sake. He's been consistently killing it with a mixture of his IC clips and blogging for his own dallaspenn.com and xxlmag.com of course.

Miss Info could also be considered king of the net. What separates her and gives her the edge over the rest of the pack is that she not only aggregates content, but breaks plenty of exclusives. Most of these other web contenders don't generate original content. She's also pretty prolific. She's everywhere. If you're pissed cause you missed some widely reported event chances are she was there. Peter Rosenberg does his thing too. Those flipcam diary clips are pretty cool. Even Jim Jones co-signed him, saying he had a lot of swag, but I guess that really doesn't mean anything. Nonetheless, Rosenberg has a strong web presence via his flip cam diaries, his blogs and loads of clips that leak online from his Hot 97 radio show. Speaking of radio, Angela Yee has the internets going nuts. I don't think she has a blog. If so, somebody please send me a link. But clips from her Shade 45 Lip Service show are enough to get us talking. She's killing the game right now.

You can't talk web without bringing up Eskay. Nahright is still "venerable" as Bol would say. Gyant is still out there hustling, Jay Smooth has a healthy following, Concrete Loop, Bossip and YBF are doing their thing, but they don't really put anybody in the forefront. In the end though, I think you gotta give it to Miss Info. It's those exclusives, man. I may have forgotten worthy contenders, though. Should DJ Vlad be considered among the elite? His stock has surely gone up. What do you guys think? Who's the king of the net? And more importantly, who's coming for their spot? -Jackpot

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