Westside Gunn is hands down one of the best upcoming rappers in New York right now and he just released a brand new EP called Roses Are Red...So Is Blood with UK producer The Purist. You can stream it above.

Gunn's buzz has been steadily growing since 2015 when he dropped nearly-flawless projects like Hall & Nash and Griselda Ghost with his blood brother Conway, another mean spitter. He is of the Roc Marciano ilk (Roc has produced for Gunn and spits a verse on the new EP), spinning dark street tales over noir soul samples, and his high-pitched voice often offers a nice contrast to Conway's low, rumbling delivery.

On the production side, The Purist has been coming through with dusty rap beats for awhile now. He's worked with artists like Tree, Danny Brown, Freddie Gibbs, Your Old Droog, and Mick Jenkins, so at the very least you know he's bound to pick all stars to rap on his beats.

Here Gunn and Purist mesh perfectly together, with the latter turning up some of the finest samples we've heard all year as Gunn lays down his signature grit.

Westside Gunn had this to say about the project: "Roses are Red.... And So is Blood is artpiece I created wit the mind frame of me being locked up writing bars while I lay on a cot it gives u that laid back feeling but still aware of the dangerous settings. The Title to me means nothing in the world is perfect dont be kaught up in the illusion because everything that may seem one way might be the total opposite everybody shit stinks. The kolor Red is so beautiful, but just as it represents beauty it also represents pain, death, struggle......"

You can download the EP for free on The Purist's Bandcamp page or purchase a limited edition 10" vinyl, of which only 100 copies are being made.

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