This year's Freshmen class announcement was a strong point of contention for many, as it tends to be. And although they didn't make our Freshmen class this year, Westside Gunn and Conway continue to prove why they were worthy of a consideration from the get-go with their new video "Machine Gun Black."

The Griselda/Shady Records artists dropped their song "Machine Gun Black" in March alongside their new label deal announcement. It was released under the moniker Hall N' Nash, and now the Just Blaze-produced track now gets a new set of visuals from Two Tower Productions. While other videos simulate the grainy video camera effect, this video literally is a VHS tape that Just Blaze plays on his television after mysteriously being left with it at his apartment door.

As Eminem explains that Detroit and Buffalo "are like long lost cousins" at the onset of the video, the camera pans over scenes from a city that could be either. The video then cuts back and forth between Westside and Conway rapping in a parking garage and scenes of a mischievous group of teenagers. The kids wreak havoc on locals: chasing them, lifting clothes, beating them up and stealing a car. They eventually run into Westside Gunn and Conway, leaving them in peace out of respect.

The video ends with a man holding up the artwork for the single, which is most likely a picture of the man the song is dedicated to: Marchello Lowery a.k.a. MachineGun Black.

This non-traditional track has no hook as Conway and Gunn trade short verses over the hard hitting beat, which is a good reason for the video to showcase such chaotic activity.

You can peep the video for "Machine Gun Black" below.

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