Trinidad Jame$ is aware that he's seen as an overnight success. "I did come out of nowhere because I haven't been rapping as long as probably anybody on the cover," says the Georgia-native rapper. Before adding with a shrug, "Sometimes you do shit right. Sometimes it takes a minute for it to get caught on." Jame$' breakthrough single, "All Gold Everything," seemingly exploded virally within an instant last year, landing him on this year's XXL Freshman cover in a few months time. On his chosen career path, Trinidad offers "I really took music seriously the last year. Music is something that I really love. Why not do something you're already love or passionate about because you'll do it more whole soul." Despite being fresh on the scene, Jame$ discusses starting a career with an established personal style. "A lot of people come into the game and they don't have their own identity. Gold is something I love. My dad wore gold. I don't care if you love it or if you hate it or you hate me." With a strong idea on personal identity, Jame$ is already a step ahead of most, aspiring MCs. "Because at the end of the day. if you hate me, what does it do for either one of us?"

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