The Detroit Pistons are up to something. Namely, an all out viral campaign to get center Andre Drummond to the NBA All-Star Game. And the Pistons sure picked a guaranteed vehicle, taking a page from a video that circulated last month of President Obama singing the lyrics to "Hotline Bling" through various speeches. But now, Obama is singing another Drake tune, as the Pistons have composed a super edit of the Commander in Chief rapping the lyrics to What a Time to Be Alive's "Jumpman."

While it may be hard to believe that Obama once used the word "Ginobli" in a speech, the above video verifies it to be true. The NBA All-Star Game is being held in Toronto this year which may suggest why the Pistons opted for a Drake track rather than something from Big Sean, a native to Detroit.

Despite the cleverness of the video, Andre Drummond likely doesn't need any help making the cut as one of the league's best. Through 35 games, the 22-year-old Drummond leads all players in rebounds, averaging 16 per game. With just over 18 points per game as well, he's a sure fire double-double every night with the threat of posting 20-20 always looming. Drummond is currently in his fourth season in the NBA and though he's yet to earn an All-Star nod, he did take home the MVP award in 2014's Rising Stars Challenge.

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