For those who are not up on current events, two murderers escaped from Clinton Correctional Facility in upstate New York and have been on the run for four days and counting. They are the first people to successfully escape from the prison in its 170-year history. Yesterday, Maino, who was incarcerated at the same jail for about a year, joined CNN to discuss the fantasy of a prison break, the security at Clinton Correctional and life in jail.

"[Prison escape] is a fantasy, it's something that seems like it's out of the movies," said Maino. "It's something we don't usually see, we don't usually encounter stuff like that. Out of the seventy prisons in New York State, that's one of the most secure...You're never really alone to be able to move around to get free. I thought it was interesting when I saw the report yesterday. The first thing it reminded me of was The Shawshank Redemption."

Maino wasn't the only person to think about the classic movie when he saw the news. In fact, Tim Robbins, who starred in the classic movie, appeared on Conan to discuss the comparisons.

Maino did ten years in prison for a drug-related kidnapping and spoke candidly with XXL in 2007 about his release and getting into the rap game. "I stand out amongst an industry full of fuck boys. You have to look at who I am before rap. I’m not going to say, ‘I’m a college educated, working class man.’ I told niggas from the jump – my whole life I’ve been a criminal, and then I started rapping. I went from being in the street, spending 10 years in prison, to coming home parlaying into the industry. I’ve been banging all that time."