DJ Quik is a West Coast legend and one of the best rapper/producers that the game has seen. And lately, after taking a period of time off, he's been back on his music grind, most recently with 2014's The Midnight Life, which boasted collabs with Suga Free, Mack 10, Dom Kennedy and Bishop Lamont, among others. And earlier this month, the MC got back on his DJ grind, spinning a crazy eclectic set for Ray Ban and Boiler Room's 010 party in Los Angeles, combining old school hip-hop, groove-tastic funk and soul, G-Funk and much, much more for more than a half hour. Check out the exclusive video for the mad scientist's set above.

Back in 2013, Quik took to Twitter to announce that he was selling his production equipment and would no longer be mixing or engineering records, leading many to speculate that he'd be retiring from the game. But in an interview with XXL, he said he wasn't retiring, but that he was frustrated with the state of the music industry and that he didn't understand how the craft of producing and engineering records was essentially being reduced to a free service. “It’s not about being bitter,” Quik said at the time. “It’s annoying. I’m not going to do things for free for you guys when I’ve charged five or six figures to do this for relevant, real chart-topping artists. I can’t just go and give it away for free because I love it. That’s prostitution.”

Watch the OG's set, with a special appearance from Snoop Dogg, above.