Wale fans are up in arms over a meme claiming the Washington D.C. MC is not on the level of other top rappers.

On Saturday (May 2), Wale began trending on Twitter due to a meme that started circulating on Friday (May 1). In the clip, taken from the cartoon Family Guy, there are four hands in the picture, which are supposed to represent Kendrick Lamar, Drake, J. Cole and Travis Scott. A fifth appendage, which is supposed to be Wale, tries to enter the picture but is pushed away as being deemed not worthy.

It didn't take long for Ralph's fans to come to his rescue, defending the lyricist against his detractors.

"People really comparing Wale to Travis? Lyrically? Go on sit down somewhere if you think Travis> Wale," one person tweeted.

"Niggas said Travis was better than Wale? See I’m not even gonna allow myself to get dragged into that nonsense," someone else posted.

"Man @wale lyrically is up there with the rap Gods," another Twitter user added to the conversation. "Not below or even slightly below. He up there with... Your top 3 lyricist, dont matter who they are."

Wale eventually caught wind of his name trending but was not willing to dive into those waters. "Seen my name trending ... but the way my anxiety set up I’m not clicking that joint," the former XXL Freshman tweeted. "But go stream 'wow that’s crazy.' And watch 'Sue me' video. Wash hands and have a good day."

See tweets from Wale fans defending the rapper below.

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