The Seattle Seahawks fanbase is known as The 12th Man because their volume and sheer enthusiasm can impact the game and give their team an advantage, much like an extra player would. You'd imagine then, that the people of Seattle know what their beloved Seahawks look like, particularly the more famous ones. Except, a recent Facebook post suggest they don't.

Waka Flocka was spotted in the Seattle Airport recently and was mistaken for Seahawks star cornerback Richard Sherman. While, yes, both Waka and Sherman are tall dudes with long dreads, any Seattle local should know the difference, as Sherman has been as vocal and visible as any Seahawk of the past three years not named Marshawn. Twitter seems to be split on the case of mistaken identity, with some roasting the slip up while others are cutting slack.

Waka isn't the only rapper to be misidentified, as Rae Sremmurd's Swae Lee was photographed this past October with the caption "So glad I got to meet Chief Keef." At least then, the unknowing poster knew she was with a rapper. The above Waka gaff might be worse, but nothing beats the time a 2012 news reporter thought was both Wale and Wyclef Jean. A word of wisdom to those in search of a rapper-assisted photo opportunity: Know who you're asking to pose with before the the shutter snaps. Otherwise your foolishness will be mocked across the wide-ranging Internet.

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