Video has surfaced of Wack 100 getting into a fight with two other individuals in a parking lot over the weekend.

In the video, which surfaced on Saturday (Dec. 19), the notable hip-hop manager can be seen squaring up with two White men in what looks like a gas station parking lot. One of the men rushes Wack and throws a punch at him. Wack dips the swing and counters with his own punch, a solid left cross that connects with the man's temple, knocking him to the ground and bloodying his face. After another man sees his friend take an L, he then steps up to try and take on Wack before the situation diffuses.

The guy notifies someone in the crowd to take down Wack's license plate number. "Get all that," Wack replied. "You touched me, nigga. You tried to rush me, nigga."

Wack and the man argue for a few more seconds before the video ends with Wack warning the man to back up or else.

Wack has since commented on the fight, which has gone viral on social media. He posted the video of the attack on Instagram, but the clip was taken down by the Facebook-owned app for going against community guidelines; specifically bullying and harassment.

"So I get attacked and I get bullied & harassed - @instagram when a black man is being killed or choked out it stays but when a black man is being attacked and wins it’s against your rules," Wack captioned a screenshot of the violation notification. "Black on Black post stays guess that’s cool right."

This isn't the first time we've heard about Wack throwing hands. Last December, he reportedly got into a scuffle with Nipsey Hussle's former bodyguard. In December 2015, he reportedly knocked out Florida rapper Stitches outside a club in Miami.

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