Vince Staples has launched an original Snapchat series in which he forces friends to test out lifestyle trends, while judging whether or not that trend is whack.

The show, titled F*#! That with Vince Staples, debuted on Sunday (July 1). In the pilot, the "Big Fish" rapper assigns a buddy to receive colon hydrotherapy, a medically unproven procedure that involves blasting water up the rectum, currently the rage among wellness-minded hipsters. As Vince explains, "Gwyneth Paltrow wants you to clean your shit."

The series comes as the Long Beach eccentric's Hollywood star continues to rise. Staples made his silver screen debut in 2015 with a brief role alongside A$AP Rocky in Dope, and voiced a battle rapper in a recent episode of Fox's American Dad! He's also matched wits with Trevor Noah on the set of The Daily Show.

In addition to the Snapchat series, Vince is co-starring with D.R.A.M. in a forthcoming Adult Swim cartoon, according to The Boondocks producer Carl Jones. It all feels like a nice fit for an artist who once started a GoFundMe to raise funds for himself to shut up.

The remaining episodes in Vince's four-part series drop the next three Sundays. You can watch each installment on Snapchat.

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