Vince Staples' visuals to "Screen Door" is fantastic. Staples is an artist who's get's it. If you listen to his music, the maturity to see things clearly and illustrate every small detail in his lyrics is what separates his street narratives from his peers. "Screen Door" is a standout track off of his recent EP Hell Can Wait and another testament of his lyrical prowess. In the video, viewers get a peek into the Long Beach native's childhood, as he paints a picture of  how his father's drug dealing affected his family when he was younger. The focal point is a screen door, serving as the revolving epicenter of where trouble came and went, from eviction notices, to drug customers to police. Spike Jordan and C. Blacksmith-directed visual is both stirring and interesting as the nice use of cinematography makes the viewers feel like they're in Staple's inner thoughts and memories.

At the Echoplex night club on Jan. 16 in Los Angeles, the West Coast spitta performed with frequent collaborator A$ton Matthews and talked to XXL about his debut album.

“It’s a step up from the last project,” the young MC said. “I’m trying to do something different so we’re in the studio just working hard on it… [There's no date] but 2015 is the official year and we have good people behind the project. That’s all we know so far but we’re not gonna rush it. Just gonna take our time and give the people good quality music.”