When a major artist drops a new project, fans are often surprised with a new music video to enjoy along with the tracks. For Vince Staples fans, they woke up to his new album Big Fish Theory as well as a new video for the single "Rain Come Down" featuring Ty Dolla Sign.

The entire video for "Rain Come Down" takes place in a microcosm contained in a whiskey glass. In that tiny world, Vince is found next to a boat in the desert, spinning a bottle of Sprite. After a very short cameo from Ty Dolla Sign, the setting then switches to a fireplace where Vince is once again spinning a Sprite bottle. The final scene takes place in a diner while it's literally pouring outside. In all the scenes, Vince is essentially a loner in his own world, most likely due to the life choices he raps about: "Paid a pretty penny for my peace of mind." Even when there are other people around him in the diner, he doesn't pay them any attention and vice versa.

The minimal screen time for Ty Dolla can be either attributed to a tight schedule for Ty so he couldn't spend much time on the video shoot, or it speaks to Vince's point of keeping the focus of an album on the artist and not featured artists nor producers. You'll also notice that Ty Dolla isn't listed as a guest feature on the YouTube page.

Another inescapable detail is the prominent inclusion of a Sprite bottle. Vince's relationship with Sprite has been a known one, from his lyrics being printed on Sprite cans to the new Sprite commercial he starred in. One user on YouTube even commented "this was the best Sprite commercial ever" on the video.

You can watch the video for "Rain Come Down" below.

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