Vince Staples is quickly becoming the best quote in rap. The Long Beach rapper told Time last month that the 90s were overrated, and sat down with GQ recently to share some quick fire opinions on recent leading men. Staples is in the zone in the above clip, ripping on some while bigging up others.

On Michael Jordan in 1998: "Michael Jordan's such a scumbag. I love him. Michael Jordan and Donald Trump are the same kind of person. They are the epitome of bad people in America becoming successful."

Upon seeing a 2002 Ja Rule spread in which the rapper is surrounded by burning cars: "When I see an image of Ja Rule next to a burning car, it just signifies what 50 Cent did to one of my favorite rappers and it just hurts my heart."

On Kanye in 2007: "Happy Kanye. He was man of the year. Still kind of is, he's running for president soon. I love Kanye, man."

And finally, on a 1998 cover featuring Georg Clooney, Harrison Ford, and Chris Rock: "Why is Chris Rock on Empire? They gotta stop destroying the black community with stuff like that, Might as well just bring crack back. I prefer crack. At least you can be a crack head, at least that has a negative connotation. This Empire shit is just going way too overboard."