DJ Paul unleashes a new music video for "Run Em Off" featuring Jon Connor and Compton Menace. The track originally appeared on DJ Paul's mixtape Mafia 4 Life.

Throughout the five-minute, GFXKID-directed clip, DJ Paul, Jon Connor and Compton Menace drop fiery verses at an unknown location. The backdrop features a plethora of street lamps and provides the perfect complement to the eery instrumental and spooky lyrics. It should be noted that OG Maco is featured on the song, but he is not present in the music video. You can watch the visual above via YouTube.

The Three 6 Mafia member is slated to release his new album YOTS (Year of the Six), Pt. 2  on Nov. 25. The 14-track project will contain features from OG Maco, Lord Infamous and more. You can pre-order the album via iTunes right here.

Lord Infamous died in 2013. At the time, DJ Paul spoke with XXL about his legacy and what he meant to hip-hop. DJ Paul said, "He was one of the creators of crunk. We always say that the Three 6 Mafia created crunk, which we did it ain’t no question about it. He was one of the ones that created it with us: Me, him and Juicy. He was in the beginning. He was one of the creators of crunk and the whole dark sound music with 808s and repetitive hooks that we did. All the drugs and the stuff that we talked about before rappers were even ready to do it."

He also spoke about some of his first memories of Lord Infamous before they became Three 6 Mafia. Paul said, "Some of the first memories that stuck out are when we were forming the rap group, just me and him in 1989 before Three 6 Mafia. We called ourselves The Serial Killers. We made an EP and it did pretty good too. We used to go to this DJ named DJ Just Born. We used to pay him like $35 to rent out the studio. We didn’t have any equipment. I had my momma’s record player that I used to sneak and scratch on when she leaves."

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