On Tuesday (March 13), footage of Bow Wow being punched by rapper Cheeks Bossman backstage at a concert hit the internet. In the video, Bow Wow can be seen walking with his crew before Bossman runs up on him yelling, "What's up with that Future shit?" and throws a punch.

The punch floored Bow Wow, knocking him to the ground before his team tried to restrain Bossman. Following the incident, the Greenlight 6 artist hopped on Instagram Live and claimed the footage wasn't what it looked like.

"'Ya can run with it, play with it but all I'm saying is right now–on my daughter it ain't go down like that," he said. According to Bow Wow, an unnamed woman live-tweeted what really happened and he has the proof, which he plans to release at a later date.

The rapper also claimed the video is actually from five months ago and is edited. "5 month old videos? Edited at that. Karma a mafukka," he wrote on Instagram. "The streets got it. All Ima say is this.... Stay in the house."

But according to Bossman, Bow Wow is lying. The rapper also appeared on Instagram Live and revealed the incident had to do with something Bow Wow said about Future.

"Bow Wow on the internet lying, talking bout it ain't go down like that... How it didn't go down the way it ain't go down on the video?" Bossman asked. "Don't ever talk about nobody in Free Bandz. No kind of way. No shape or form. We do not tolerate no disrespect from anybody."

"I came dolo! I came by myself, nigga! I was dolo, you was with five of your homeboys," he continued. "I told the nigga, 'What's happening with that Future shit,' but I don't really wanna hear, 'Oh, what you mean' or none of that shit."

It's uncertain what Bow Wow exactly said about Future that got Cheeks mad, but in September, the rapper appeared to have tweeted about Future reportedly dating his ex-girlfriend and mother of his daughter, Joie Chavis.

"Had your girl in the islands 'and you aint een know it' but she kissing you with the same mouth... never mind hahahah 😂#sucker," he wrote on Twitter.

It also appears Bow Wow could be telling the truth about the video being from last year, as Jay-Z can be heard be heard performing in the background, and the last time the Brooklyn MC performed was in December 2017 on his 4:44 Tour.

Along with his new feud with Cheeks, Bow Wow also recently revealed he had a falling out with Chris Brown. In a song called "Drunk Off Ciroc," the "Yeaahh" rapper details his soured relationship with the singer.

“I skipped a show just so I could see you Chris,” he raps. “Day ones, me and you been through a lot of shit/No matter what you gonna always be my little brother/And it kill me when we in public and we ain’t speaking to each other/This shit crazy/Oh my fault, Brown, this shit brazy/We grown men, let’s turn this sh** around.”

Check out Bow Wow and Cheeks' social media posts, as well as Bow Wow's new song below.

@shadmoss via Instagram
@shadmoss via Instagram
@cheeksbossman_gemg via Instagram
@cheeksbossman_gemg via Instagram

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