Lil Pump won't soon forget his show in Nottingham, U.K. on Friday (Nov. 16). The concert was disrupted when someone let off smoke flares in the crowd and the venue had to be evacuated. Now, footage has surfaced of the moment things went left.

TMZ has obtained video of the show. In the clip, the South Florida rapper appears to be sitting on his security guards' shoulders. At the time, he is performing the track "D. Rose." Towards the end, the rapper turns to the side while smoke spreads into view. It looks like Pump might be telling one of the men who is holding him up to put him down. A second later, someone lets out a loud cough. Pump can been seen with a perplexed look on his face shortly before the film cuts out.

It was later revealed a person or people let off smoke flares in the venue. Luckily for fans, after the building cleared out, Pump continued the show outside. The "Gucci Gang" rapper finished the show from atop his tour bus where he put on an impromptu performance.

He later addressed the incident on social media. "Some dumbass threw a smoke bomb in the show, fucked up the whole show," Pump said. "Ya'll threw three! Whoever the fuck threw that, y'all almost made me faint in the middle of the show, bitch."

Check out video footage of Lil Pump reacting to the smoke bomb below.

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