It looks like the somewhat lengthy wait for a new Vic Mensa project is soon coming to an end. Today (June 6), the Roc Nation artist used his Twitter account to announce his The Manuscript EP is dropping this Thursday (June 8). His announcement also came with a preview of a new music video.

"The Manuscript 6/8. 1 of 2," Vic wrote in the tweet of what's presumably a preview of a new video. In a short glimpse of a vid, we hear some piano keys and what sounds like the hook of a song.

"Deep down everyone's a rock star/Right now I'm the only one to take it this far, take it this far/Up high in a glass elevator/Look down on my city, see you later/I...always take it too far," a voice sings on the track.

While the track plays we see shots of Vic hunched over a bit on stage with a spotlight shining down on him. In another clip, we see Vic sitting down in what appears to be a stage set of someone's bedroom while writing some things down in his journal. In the next clip, we see the rapper sitting down at a desk with a typewriter placed in front of him. Looks like he's about to begin working on his manuscript. That's when the rapping starts before abruptly stopping soon after.

"This for all my fans that say they want that old Vic," raps Vic, who's also got an album on the way. "I've grown too much to ever be that old Vic." Sounds like he's got a lot to say, and we can't wait to hear it.

It's been almost exactly a year since Vic dropped his There’s Alot Going On EP, and in the hyperactive state the rap game's in now, that can feel like a long time. Thankfully, we won't have to wait too much longer for a concentrated dose of new Vic.

Check out the new preview for yourself below.

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