When there's an issue between rappers, it's best to get both sides—as we did with Rob Stone and Ski Mask the Slump God—to see who's at fault, if anyone. Today, we get one side of a disagreement between Drake and Vic Mensa from last year over one of Vic's songs, "Danger."

While sitting in on an episode of Complex's Everyday Struggle, DJ Akademiks asked Vic about his shots at Drake on "Danger." Vic opens with, "We don't maybe see eye to eye on things but I'm not thinking about Drake. I'm sure he's not thinking about me. I think Drake's great. I think Drake's a great fucking rapper, writer." But then he goes further back: "There was a point in time when he made some disses, like he always does, subliminal things, he dug at fuckin Kanye, he dug at Hov. So I said something in a rap too about him..."

It's important to remember that in January of 2016, Drake put out the track "Summer Sixteen," which had lines comparing his wealth and success to Jay Zs and Kanyes. Then in February of 2016, Vic released "Danger" with the line: "I don't like the way that niggas talking like they bulletproof/Until they gotta find out what a bullet do/Catch two in your Canada Goose."

Vic then went on to detail how Drake's team would hit up people around Vic, "like being extra pressed, being real mad," instead of him directly, including his "little White, redhead assistant at the club with a bunch of strong, Canadian Niggas."

He closes out his answer with, "I felt as if it was just sport but he seemed to take it more personally."

You can watch the full episode below.

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