A number of rappers have been critical as of late of other artists for promoting the pill-popping culture, and now, Vic Mensa is calling out rappers for using drugs to sell records/

During an interview with Billboard, the Chicago rapper discussed the issue of substance abuse and name-dropped Future as an example of an artist profiting off the drug culture. "You got Future talking about, 'I just rap about drugs because I know that's what sells, that's what people want to hear,'" he said. "While people are overdosing left and right. It's really representative of the state of the nation, but it's also horribly irresponsible because you got kids that idolize these people and will do anything they do."

But while Vic is critical of other rhymers, he also points at himself as someone who has referenced drugs in his music. "To be honest, it’s like, on one hand I almost don’t even feel that I have a right to chastise anybody because I’ve fucking done it... I regret it," he said. "I don’t rap about it anymore, but I have some lines about taking Xanax."

He even questioned why drug manufactures aren't taking more of the blame, saying, "I really start to ask, like, at what point and time do we start holding the manufactures of Xanax accountable? The prescribers of Xanax and Percocet, at what point and time do the people that literally make these products in labs and mass produce them—when are these people criminals?"

Earlier this month, following the death of Lil Peep, Azizi Gibson also called out rappers for promoting drug use, calling it a "fucking poisonous culture" and saying, "This shit needs to stop." Russ has also been in the spotlight for going on an anti-drug Twitter spree, which artists like Smokepurpp took issue with.

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